Vintage audio resources.
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These resources used to be available to members at Audiokarma.  To find out why they no longer are, please read here.
Some vintage audio resources:
  1. Pioneer Resources:  Manuals, brochures, catalogs and other.
  2.  Tandberg Resources:  Manuals, brochures, catalogs, articles, reviews, and photos.  
  3.   Concept Resources:   Serial numbers.  Interviews.  Manuals and brochures.  User’s Group.
  4.   Yamaha Resources:  Manuals, schematics.
  5.   ADS Resources:  Manuals, brochures, catalogs, photos and other.
  6.   Advent Resources:  Documentation.
  7.  McIntosh Resources:  Owner’s manuals, service manual, brochures, photos
  8.   Sony Resources:  Owner’s manuals, service manual, brochures, photos
  9.   Rectilinear Resources: Manuals.  Reviews.  Photos.  Models.
  10.   Rectilinear entry at Wikipedia.
  11.   Other Resources:  Misc. literature
  12.   Cassette Deck database:  Covering models from Akai, Aiwa, Bang&Olufsen Denon, Dual, Harman-Kardon, JVC / Victor, Kenwood / Trio, Luxman, Marantz, Nakamichi, Onkyo, Pioneer, Revox / Studer, Sansui, Sony, Tandberg, Teac / Tascam, Technics / Panasonic and Yamaha
  13.   A selection of vintage gear.  By Njord Noatun.
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